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With the finest talent, world class infrastructure and coveted heritage, iNautix is one of the great organizations to work at. iNautix believes completely in its associates and their strengths. At iNautix, the associates' abilities, skills and strengths are recognized and further honed to take up new challenges and the weaknesses are worked upon to make them more efficient.

Each day is a new learning experience at iNautix. You get to work on the leading-edge technologies at the same time keeping yourself abreast with the changes and happenings in the financial world.

At iNautix, we strongly believe that it is our people who power our success. We believe in a collaborative and open work culture were out-of-the-box ideas are encouraged, competitive spirit is challenged and inventiveness applauded. iNautix provides its associates with the right tools & resources and individualized guidance from mentors and leaders to help them achieve their professional goals. Also, at the center of it all is a culture of inclusiveness and mutual respect where diversity is embraced and uniqueness appreciated.

Get in and enjoy the advantage.

Fun at Work

iNautix is a caring organization that believes in encouraging our associates be it work, or extra-curricular. Our calendar of fun events gives our associates the opportunity to showcase their multi-faceted talent in arts, sports, drama and other avenues.

Apart from melas, contests and quizzes we also have cultural theme days and events where employees get a chance to let their hair down and have unfettered fun and socialize with their peers.

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